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Roger Campbell Ministries

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Does God really care about your weight?

Some think not?

While being interviewed on a call in radio talk show, I was scolded soundly by a listener who called to complain about my biblical approach to weight control. She accused me of using valuable time and effort to teach biblical concepts on a subject in which God has no interest.

At one time, I would have agreed with this angry caller. I had been in the ministry for nearly twenty years before realizing that a sizable segment of my congregation was struggling with a serious problem that I had thought to be unrelated to biblical truth. I knew that alcoholics could be made sober; drug addicts could be delivered; those tempted to immorality could gain strength to overcome their temptations. But it never occurred to me that God might be concerned about people being overweight.

Now I know that I was wrong.

God cares about all our needs.

Anything that troubles us concerns our Lord, including matters of health and appearance. His love provides this kind of all-encompassing interest in our deepest and most personal needs...because that's what love is all about.


Available from Roger Campbell Ministries
P.O. Box 301004
Waterford, MI 48330

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Read this testimonial below:

Judy Kurnick's surprise:

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the book "Weight! A Better Way To Lose." The impact it has had on my life has been tremendous! I was in counseling with my pastor (in a seemingly futile attempt to establish a Christian life after 18 years of running from God) when the Lord laid it on his heart to give me your book. The poor man must have done so with much fear since my temper and depression were my greatest problems!

I took the book home, totally humiliated that anyone would think that weight was the basis of my spiritual problems. After reading a few pages I realized that the weight was my way of punishing myself for having turned my back on full-time Christian service.

The Lord spoke to me on every page of that book! Many "talks" followed with the pastor and with each God revealed new areas of my life to deal with. Each area was covered in your book, and over the months it has been a constant source of help to me. I have gone from being a totally depressed person with a terrible marriage to a happy, submissive Christian woman who adores her husband and children and finds it increasingly difficult to remember what the "old person" was even like.

Jesus has become more than my Saviour--He is my sweet and precious Lord! He loved me when I couldn't love myself.

At this point, I have lost 92 pounds with 98 more to go. I have the Christian home and family that was always my dream, and the Lord has led me into areas of ministry where the agony of my past is helping others.

I have a long way to go in repairing the extreme physical damage I caused myself (Pastor refers to it as my "rebuilding the temple!"), but each day in that way is precious to me. Gone are the hatred and bitterness, and love has taken their place.

I guess in all this, my greatest moment of joy came when I looked into the mirror one morning and realized that I had totally forgiven myself for my past and that I really liked-- no, that I really loved the person that God has allowed me to become!

Sincerely in Jesus

Judy Kurnik




l. Does God Really Care?
2. Is It Wrong to Long to Be Thin?
3. Which Diet Works?
4. Those Born Losers
5. The Devil and Your Diet
6. Faith Can Move That Mountain
7. Get That Mountain Moving
8. The Fruit That Makes You Thin
9. Discipline: How Sweet It Is!
10. Shape Up Your Marriage
11. The New You
12. Don't Lose Another Day

158 Pages...More than 100,000 in print

Available from Roger Campbell Ministries
P.O. Box 301004
Waterford, MI 48330


I truly need your help, Lord.
I really have to try it.
For tho' I've often failed before
I'm starting on a diet.

I'm not sure when it happened;
But I feel like a cow;
So now's the time to do this
Beginning here and now!

The first days will be easy…
A new resolve, You know;
But each day it gets harder
And morale starts sinking low.

The M & M's call out my name,
The cookies chime right in.
The chips demand their equal time
And soon I just can't win!

So help me, Lord, to stick to this;
Teach me how to do it.
And I will give You all the praise
Because you brought me through it.

…Cheryl Powell


Roger Campbell Ministries
PO Box 301004 Waterford MI. 48330
248-623-6882    Email: rcministry@ameritech.net