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Roger Campbell Ministries

There are times when only a poem will do to express how we feel or to have another lift and help us through a tough time. Perhaps one of the poems below will make a difference in your life.


All Poems by Wava Campbell

The Older Years


Iíve had my share of troubles.

Some battles have been won.

Iíve learned a lot of lessons.

Iíve had a lot of fun.

Now some may long for childhood

When life was light and free,

But Iíve got past and present.

The older years for me.


Iíve still got some small troubles.

Some battles must be won.

Iím learning and Iím growing.
I still have lots of fun.

Now some may long for days of youth,

And things that used to be,
But Iíve still got a future.

The older years for me.



Rise Up, O Wounded Heart


Rise up, O wounded heart.
Rejoice in Godís great love.

Be glad for the unfailing grace

That He has plenty of.

The earth is full of pain

The devil wants it so,

But God will use the hurts down here

To make us thrive and grow.


Rise up, O wounded heart,
And praise the Saviorís name.

You will find that ugly wound will heal.

Youíll never be the same.

A merry hear will heal

Like medicine applied.

You have a happy song to sing.

The Lord is at your side.


Sing of the Saviorís boundless grace.

He saves the lost, who seek His face.

Sing of His gentle love and care.

Whatever happens Heís right there.


Sing of our Savior kind and true.
Tell of how much Heís done for you.

Someone whoís weak may be made strong

Listening to your happy song.


Sing of His mercy all day long.

Tell of His peace in joyful song.
Oh what a blessing it will bring.
Open your mouth right up and sing.



Praise God for Prayer


Oh, how sweet it is to share anotherís burden.

Oh, how sweet when someone
Shares your load of care.
Thereís a time for fun and mirth,

But there is no friend on earth

Like the one who comes to kneel with you in prayer.


Oh, praise God for those who simply talk and listen,

When you heavy load

Seems more than you can bear.

Those who trust you with their woe,

And who know that you will go,

To the Lord with them in true believing prayer.

Oh, praise God that Jesus prayed for loving oneness;

That sweet fellowship

That you can only find

When we bring our praise and care,

And we kneel before Him there.

Being one in heart, in spirit and in mind.

 Roger Campbell Ministries
PO Box 301004 Waterford MI. 48330
248-623-6882    Email: rcministry@ameritech.net